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Low barometric over the Balkans

Friday, 11 February 2011

Whatever is happening in Tunisia and especially in Egypt raise justified attention of the international community because it may change dramatically the geopolitical map of the world-not only the Arab world. At the same time, however, compounding events at each Balkan country are threatening potential geopolitical balance in the eternal "Powder keg of Europe". Kosovo, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria are facing, to varying degrees, but in the same direction, the same phenomena that are experimenting with the political system, the supposed ' European ' identity, even consistency.
The always unstable this neighborhood of Greece is given and the predominance of legitimate institutions of the European Union, the Atlantic Alliance and, most importantly, the United States. At the same time, however, increase significantly influence the Turkey and Islam, China and involved in Israel and Russia, in direct competition with Americans, investing strategically to Russian gas pipelines and oil in the direction of the European Union.
These six are endemic Balkan countries and act cumulatively political corruption in interrelation with organized crime, the question of power and civil institutions of all against all the other, reciprocal claims between neighbouring countries national with ethnic minorities, economic vulnerability and vivid even legacy of the Communist regimes. The bleak reality of support and unroll what come daily in each country as briefly as follows:

Three synomosponda Länder in fragile packaging. Remains as yet only State international protectorate. The Republika Srpska is turned to the Motherland Serbia while the Bosnian Croat Federation-Croats severing the Motherland Croatia and Bosnians Muslims to Islam and Turkey. Each electoral process, such as the recent, develops a theoretical life or death, and by definition cannot be put into operation an, rudiments, democracy. All hanging by a thread and foreign governments recommend laud State Assembly Serbs, however, reject threatening with secession.

newest independent State in the Balkans would not exist or you may be able to survive only as an international protectorate. Any remaining Serbs in the North with a focus on divided city Mitrobitsa and in direct contact with the mother Serbia does not recognize the Member, while the remaining Serbs in the southern Serbian enclave of Kossovo try to incorporate in the institutions to little effect. But the quality of Kosovar institutions  were exposed during the elections were held on 12th December 2010. The election results were announced on January 31, 2011. According to a report of the Council of Europe, the winner of elections (less than 33%) Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi, a warlord national hero, who had systematically participated in massive trade in human organs cutting up Serb prisoners, civilians as well as soldiers, while he is still profiting sitting atop of power, from drugs, firearms and human beings.
The American military bases Bond Steel border Kosovo-Skopje, is the largest in Europe.
The Kosovo Albanians think their country's Albanian ΄Ethnoys matrix and themselves above the Albanians of neighboring Albania and the neighboring Member of Skopje. With European funding last year launched an international motorway which unites the capital Pristina in Tirana and the Adriatic, while this year announced new Tollway 55 mm that will unite the Pristina in Skopje-most populous city with a population of Albanians throughout the Balkans. Both road axes between Albanians of the three neighboring countries.

the opposition denounces the Government's electoral fraud, dictatorship and corruption. Massive demonstration of protest in Tirana on Friday 28/1 Hard clashes between the police and demonstrators, killing three people. The next Friday 4/2, the opposition has unleashed new demonstration. The country joined NATO and seek accession to the e.u., but considers it insufficient even the minimum criteria. American foundations have installed Meanwhile Albanian coast of the Adriatic. At the same time the nationalist movement that claims openly unity with Albania, Greek Epeiros and part of Western Macedonia of Greece as well as the western part of the State of Skopje, Kosovo, Sandjak of Montenegro and Serbia in the Presevo Valley. Albanian delegations from these areas and Tsams made on 2/11 Large demontration in Tirana, which showed the ' Map of Physical Albania ". Kotsa Danna, Director of the Institute for regional forecasts, based in Tirana, stated that "a new Albanian State will be created by 2013". On 18/11 the Balkan Centre, based in Tirana, has announced that, in accordance to a poll, 62,7% of Albanians in the Balkans favour Greater Albania. Prime Minister Sali Berisha said that Albania does not seek to change the border but invitation for membership into the European Union  but he demanded that the Skopje government stops to violate the rights of its Albanian citizens.
Islam exerts influence on the Ghegk Albanians in the North. In the South, the land of the Albanian Tosks, Muslims and Christians are a-religious and they have always been in close contact with Hellenism. More than 500.000 Albanians are working permanently in Greece and many of them actively participate in Greek society. Albanian immigrants in central Europe control powerful criminal networks trafficking in drugs and arms. America Act is a strong Albanian lobby.

with a population of approximately 750 thousand, this country split recently from Serbia ending all aits ccess to the sea. Power was monopolized by the leader of the independence movement Miloš Tzoygkanobits although from the outset he has been accused in Italy for massive cigarette smuggling. For this reason Montenegro acquired in the Balkans the nick name "Malboroland"! December 2010 Tzoygkanovic has been forced to surrender power accused that he also sold the country wholesale to Russian businessmen and one Bank to his brother. In the country lives a strong minority of Albanians.

Prime Minister Nikola Grouevski leads a strong group BMRO-DRMNE, i.e. 'The internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organisation - Democratic Party for National Association of Macedonia ' which, at least ideologically, seeks a "Unified Macedonia» into which 'must' be attached the Greek 'Aegean' Macedonia, Bulgarian Pirin Macedonia and Western territories of Albania. Presided over an escalation in the frenzy of the ' Makedonism ', anti-Hellinism and 'antiquization' with references to Alexander the Great and building of extravagant monuments. Skopje claims 'Macedonian" minorites in Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Kosovo. For the first time the now challenged Prime Minister has been accused of exercising a dictatorship, imprisoning opponents and as being the godfather of corruption. From November 2010 the opposition parties, Slavic and Albanian alike, renewed rolling opposition protests across the country and already have pulled out of the Parliament House saying that they will not return until the Government called for new elections.
The American Embassy in the capital Skopje, with 3,000 employees, is the largest in Europe, which  includes a base for electronic warfare and espionage. American oil and gas pipeline from the Caspian will across the country. Meanwhile networks of international drug trafficking, weapons and goods operate freely. The western part of the State and half of the capital is controlled entirely by the Albanians and the influence of Turkey and Islam is growing. Recently Israel entered into the game.
Information published in Skopje last quarter of 2010, illustrating the situation in areas without limitation as follows:
Albanian: 5/10 leaders of the Albanian require the Government to erect monuments Albanian heroes next to m. Alexander and to organize a permanent exhibition of Albanian History at the Museum of BMRO. 14/10 The opposition Albanian parties organize protests and denounce the Coalition Grouefski-Achmeti ' Antialbanian and anti-national ' policy. 19/10 Permanent remain at the stage of Tetovo huge banner with inscriptions "don't call me Macedonia, call me Illyrida" and "United States of Albania". 2/11 betting basketball, a suburb of Skopje, fans singing the anthem of great Albania. 15/11 Two thousands of Albanians are protesting outside Parliament to protest against the Government Grouefski distortion of the upcoming population census with hundreds of thousands of Albanian immigrants abroad. 23/11 unique Albanian Party supports the Grouefski is DUI Ali Achmeti. Recently divulged confidential documents of the German services indicate that Ali Achmeti was an agent of the Yugoslav secret services and spied on the Albanian immigrants in Germany, Belgium and Sweden. Museum of the Albanian alphabet is announced in Monasteri. 28/11 Albanians celebrated the Day of the Albanian flag. Founding of a new party "Albanian Association ' which declared that it seeks to dissect the State into autonomous cantons. 1/12 the Albanian Party ' New democracy ' denounced the Government for fraudulent anti-Albanian law that is organizes rigging plan for the population census  in April. 28/12 The monumental Piazza Skenterbei in old Ottoman Bazaar in the capital, Skopje is ready.
Turkey: 29/10 A group of Turkish and Slavs entrepreneurs decided to intensify economic cooperation between the two countries, which, after a couple of years, you need to reach one billion dollars. Turkish businessmen to build Student at the University of Stip where already 100 students from Turkey and are interested to subscribe other 3000. 21/12 The Turkish citizens in Skopje for fourth year commemorating the Day Teaching of Turkish. 24/12, Turkey's Minister of defense, Beznti Gionoul, officially visited Skopje and met all its leadership. He donated to the FYROM army six military vehicles and an electrical generator. Sign a new agreement that provides military cooperation, Turkish help DOL 900000. Skopje. ' Turkey is one of the most important strategic partners of Slavo-Macedonia. Proof is that until now we granted financial aid 16 million. euros, "said thecolleague of Zoran Konianofksi. 3/1/2011 the Grouevski announces that  hekeeps the contract with the Turkish company TAV Airports Holding which, in accordance with the lasted concession, took the reconstruction, development, use and maintenance of both airports ' Alexander  the Great' and ' Apostle Paul of Achrida with construction of a Commodity at the Airport, and  with a total investment in Stip of 120 cm.

Islam 28/9 A group of 70 Othomanologists  rewrite history at an international symposium at the University of the city Biletsik. All share the view that Western historians have been partial and misinterpreted the Ottoman history. "But studies suggest that these allegations are not true. Bringing together scientists from many countries, we want to make the first steps to rewrite the Ottoman History», he emphasized the Rector of University. 14/10 In "Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts" starts the Fourth International Conference on Islamic culture in the Balkans under the auspices of the President of the Republic Ibanwf. The organisation has the research centre of Islamic History, Art and culture based in Istanbul. Topics: procedures for development of Islamic civilization, the multicultural coexistence, cultural and educational institutions, the Islamic heritage of architecture, urban design, art, language, literature etc. 2/10 Oyachampites Muslims might eventually become regional threat. Now their organisations launder money in Macedonia with the ultimate aim of the Europe, warns the eidisegorafia. 9/11 the Muslim Prefect of Strouga Merko Ramiz, defends the mosque in (previously Hellinovlachik) Upper Belitsa and opposed to the decisions of all government departments. «When you destroy the entire Islamic community ofStroygka, then you can break the mosque", he said. 16/11 Groyevski congratulated the leaders of the Muslim community in the country and called on all Muslims in the country "to work for a multinational, multi-cultural society. ' 18/11 Staiit Harvest report says that the State estimated  the Orthodox Christians in Skopje at 65% while 32% are Muslims. 3% are Catholics, Protestants and Jews. 14/12  two Shrines of the Bektashi Muslims are being restored in Tetovo: Meϊntani (House of prayer), completed, and Arabat baba Teke. 16/12 Islamic community wants a TV station, and so do the Orthodox and Catholic Churchs. 23/12 the Turkish Minister without portfolio Faroyk Tselik promised in the Islamic Community to fund the restoration and permanent use of othwmanikwn buildings in the old Bazaar of Skopje "the community is to maintain the modern Islamic culture and to protect the cultural heritage of Muslims."
Israel: 28.12.10 the Defense Ministry and the Israeli airline Elbit Systems, one of the largest construction companies in the defense electronics, signed an agreement to create a centre of training pilots. The benefits will be in five years. The Ministry of Defence will contribute 5,3 cm euros a year, will contribute and Elbit Systems.
Corruption: 21/9 daily newspaper Dnevnik: gives thanks to Government Ministers, members and directors of State institutions that have spent more the largest portion of the budget, worth 2,5 billion. 11/9/11 Commission on anti-corruption calls for prosecution of Tserbenkofski, head of the social democratic Union. 7/12 ' draft ' Skopje 2014 "is a symbol of corruption, crime, the waste of public funds, the dictatorship. Synonymous with the characteristics of this diekiryxe the Government ', John Makrantoyli of the social democratic Union. 10/12 Nova Makedonija Newspaper: ' Fight only with words corruption which is treated as a domestic animal. There are few results in the fight to eradicate this national sport, which generates the few, but it weakens the fabric of society, the economy and the State. It is rather strange that when the international anti-corruption Day, yesterday, a single call mentioned corruption in public health practices, despite the fact that people complain that they first have to pay to see a doctor. " 15/12 Postponement of the trial of former spy Chisen Mousliou, who is accused of falsified records of BMRO political opponents. The Minister has not occurred at the trial Milefska of Igor Ibanofski, whom she sued for defamation because revealed that ' lost ' tender documents for the scandal ' draft Skopje 2014 "for which the Ministry of Home Affairs blames three officials. 22/12 Bane Tsbetanof, former Director of the Office for the fight against money laundering black money: ' the Government is part of organized crime. " 29/12 the social democratic Union filed a complaint against criminal acts the Interior Minister Giordana Giankoupofska and the Director of the Department of revenue Goran Trajkovski. 29/12 the Commission for the transparency requested by the Public Prosecutor to bring lawsuits against the former Minister for agriculture and current Ambassador in the country in Ukraine, Atso Spasenoski, about the issue of construction of the hydroelectric power station "Zletobitsa". Only 13 of 36 directors of clinical Skopje have declared their income in State Commission against corruption. 3/1/2011 Prime Minister assures us that he has worked on the case for the scandal of EUR 750 000, but the Government took in drawer over a year. El Dorado scandals culture. Voluminous amounts for statues spends the ruling party. Artists only by party list. 4/1 The Department defended the Pero Stogianofski, Ambassador to Australia, where the former girlfriend was arrested by the authorities for robbery and blackmail. The Ministry argues that ' it was a usual robbery» 22/12 without either one day diplomatic experience the Bele Trpeski, 28 years old, he was appointed Ambassador of the country in Albania. 5/1 Raises suspicions that seven of the 22 members of the Government have abused their position.
Gagging the press: 21/10 ' journalists in Ghana, Tanzania and Uruguay is freer and safer than those in Macedonia», announced by the international organization Reporters without borders. 26/11 Raided groups economic survey and police on channel A1 to check fraud and money laundering black in combination with six companies of Beligia Ramkofski. Vehement reaction of journalists and opposition. Concern expressed by Brussels. 16 executives and journalists were arrested. 27/11 Demonstrations against the gagging of journalists from the Government made in Strumica, Achrida in Veles, Prilep and Gkostibar, in plasteia Skentermpei in Skopje. 28/11 foreign ambassadors in the country and the prosecutor investigating the claims of the owner of A1 ads of the ruling party paid from the State budget. 28/11 article: With money from the State budget the Government raises the media ransom. 29/11 journal Nova Makedonija blames journalists of A1 TV that can lead the country into civil conflict, instability and dictatorship.

a member of the EU and NATO. Powerful American bases in Bulgarian Black Sea coastline with peak oil of the Caspian Sea. Central and weak gateway strategic corridor of Turkey in the Balkans. In his book ' Strategic depth ' Professor Ntaboytogloy, Foreign Minister of Turkey and architect of neo-othwmanismoy, writes: ' and the Turkish Muslim minorities in Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sandjak and Romania are important elements of Balkan politics of Turkey "(p. 200) ' zone exikneitai from Bihac, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sandjak, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Kitrtzali Western Thrace leads in Eastern Thrace, and it has the character of vital artery for the geopolitics of Turkey" (sel477) The Demographic Policy in Sofia has announced that by 2050 the Bulgarians will become a minority in their own country. In accordance with international elements in Bulgaria live 6.655.210 7.928.900 people: 83,9% Bulgarians, 9.4% Turkish, 746664-Roma 370908 Roma 4.7% and nine still small national groups and  unspecified 86000. 82,6% Orthodox and Muslims 12,2%. The Turks and Roma have triple birth index. Until the previous elections the Turkish Party co-governed in all post-communist governments.
The last quarter 2010 flooding publications and policies of complaints in Sofia refers to interrelation of politics organized crime, smuggling and theft of public funds. The centre-right government Borisoff in a frontal collision with the Socialist President of the Republic Parvanoff. The Foreign Minister has revealed that 45% of practising diplomats were agents of the Bulgarian Communist secret service as President of the Republic was invited by the Government but refuses to dismiss. Two Ministers resigned because he also had a Borisoff done in secret services of Zivkoff.
External debt of Bulgaria amounted to just EUR 4.8 billion, but represents a percentage 14.3% of GDP and decision of the European Council, the Government is obliged to take harsh measures such as freezing of salaries and pensions, an increase of insurance contributions, retirement ages and taxation, fight against corruption etc. the system security and health threatened with collapse and the rake is calculated to 37.7% of GDP. It was found that a total of 285301 companies operated only 30%. The average wage is 14 times smaller than the average for the EU, as well as the standard of living. Considered unacceptable the monthly cost of living which amounted to 260 s.a. (502 leva) in September. However, approved expenditure leba 1 billion (approx. EUR 520 million euros) for the purchase of military aircraft. Increased by 20% the ΄Ellines made in Bulgaria and winter holidays Cagliari 2010 decreased by 55% Bulgarians visitors to Greece.
Washington and Moscow farmers in Bulgaria for the installation of energy pipelines. On 29/11 published on the website WikiLeaks privacy document with which the US Government in 2009 called its Embassy in Sofia to monitor and report about corruption, the power of the country, law enforcement, corruption and organised crime, financial stability, economic growth, money laundering, violations of human rights, particularly minorities, and the activities of the police. The Washington concerned especially for energy security and international relations, Bulgaria-Russia relations and energy dependence, the biographies of Bulgarian officials and co-operation with Russian officials and businessmen. After the Bulgarian Prime Minister aborted essentially the Russian pipeline Burgas-Alexandroupolis. One month met twice with Richard l. Wine, American Secretary of State for the Eurasian area.
The publications of the Bulgarian Formula in the last quarter 2010 survey the situation in the following areas:
Corruption: 18/10 Interior Minister Tsvatan Tsvetanov gave explanations of six appartments. He said that some were purchased with a loan which he is paying off, while the rest belonged to the family. After the thick national agency Revenue will check for months, the estate. 19/10 Prime Minister B0oriswoff supported back Interior that is linked to the leader of the gang "Octopus" and tried using this to clean up 1 million euros. This has been undercover agent Aleksei Petrov, evolved into a businessman, was a Professor, has been convicted and shortly after the release party, joined will law and Justice (RZS). The political manifesto of subscribe to professors at the University of national and world economy, where Petrov taught before being arrested. Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov accused the President of the Republic, Georgi Parvanov that supported the business activities of Petrov and has relationships with criminals. The President rejected accusations by the Minister. Later the Petrov announced that perhaps is President-elect of the Republic in 2011. 19/10 the Ministry of Interior is investigating the unprecedented theft 340 k. gold, silver and Platinum from three different vaults of the airport of Sofia. Metals, worth 9 million euros had been arrested on 19 August when five people tried to carry undeclared in Turkey. 22/10 arrest Do Stoyanov leader of a criminal organisation "the Killers" and Chairman of the Bulgarian Wrestling Federation Wrestler. Before, the other members were arrested. 16/12 ' 45% of the ambassadors of Bulgaria is a former agents of the secret services of the Communist regime. I refuse to continue to live in this soap opera, which holds 20 years ", stated the Foreign Minister Nikolai Mlantenoff, who accused the President of the Republic that 50% of Ambassadors appointed while were members of the State security, as was the President himself Parbanoff. 18/12 Bozidar Dimitrof Diaspora Minister resigned because he disagrees with the dismissal of diplomats were secret agents on communism, as it was the same. The Dimitroff known historian who specializes in Bulgarian medieval history, Ottoman Bulgaria and Macedonian question. Is Director of the National History Museum. 20/12 Secretary Pablin Dimitrwf submitted his resignation because he was an agent of the Communist security.
23/12 the Association of Former Intelligence Agents and Security Association request the resignation of Foreign Minister Nikolai Mlantenwf as revealed that half of the diplomats were formerly agents and because it is a matter of principle that are interlinked diplomatic agencies and secret services. The Cabinet decided to withdraw all diplomats former agents. Right of dismissal, however, is only the President who refuses. To become an Ambassador must have 15 years of diplomatic service, in which case the number of people with these skills are limited. 30/12 Mpozintar Nalntzief, senior agent of the Bulgarian State Agency for national security DANS resigned after he was arrested for leaking classified information to Alexei Petrwf, a former agent of DANS. 3/1/11 a portion of 160 million. Euro for Bulgaria's accession to the Schengen Zone, stolen in accordance with the former Interior Minister Roymen Petkwf who resigned on 13 April 2008 after a series of scandals and allegations of corruption and organized crime. He added that grew huge cigarette smuggling, fuel and drugs. 2/12 US Ambassador James Oyarlik announced that the visa of former Interior Minister Roymen Petkoff has been canceled because of the ongoing investigation into criminal activities after a series of scandals and allegations of its links with organized crime and corruption. 9/12 according to Transparency International's survey, 30% of the Bulgarian considers that corruption in the country has increased in the last year, 42% remained stable and feels that 28% have been reduced. Most corrupt institutions – top 5 – the Bulgarians consider political parties (4,1), Parliament (3.9), police and businesses (3.7) and the media (2,9). 5/1/11 Was taped telephone conflict of the Ministers of Interior Tsvetanoff and finance Simeon Tzankwf in which the Director of customs service reported that the Banio Tanof Tsvetanoff the presses and gave a list of what companies need to monitor and what not to customs.
Turkey: 21/9 Turkish movement for rights and freedoms (DPS) will be reported to the European Parliament and the Council of Europe to attack members of the party Attack (Ataka) in Arch-Mufti and in moufti 'scity Razgrad. 4/10 Erdogan arrives in Sofia with the Minister of energy and natural resources Taner Yıldız. Issues of bilateral talks is the construction of a new dam on the River Tundzha and compensation of the offspring of the Bulgarian refugees who abandoned property in European Turkey, in accordance with the agreement of Ankara in 1925. The issue was raised by Minister Bozhidar Dimitrov suggesting Expatriate Bulgarian, otherwise, be exercised veto to e.c. Erdogan: "these claims are not in keeping with the spirit of friendship and cooperation between the two countries '. To VMRO-BND blames Government that supports unconditional Turkey joining the EU. At least a million people signed a petition for a referendum for the veto. Fear that the Bulgarian economy will pass into the hands of the Turks. Erdoğan scrubbed last minute scheduled meeting with the leader of the Turkish Movement for rights and Freedoms, Ahmed Dogan. but he met with arch-mufti Nedim Gendzhev and Kasim Dal former Deputy Dogan. 18/10 the Supreme Administrative Court appeased the Ahmed Dogan received high remuneration as a consultant in hydro projects, while his party was in power. The former Mufti of region Smolyan, Hayredin was sentenced to three years ' imprisonment Hatin and fined 10,000 leba to buy votes in favour of Turkish movement. 28/10 Transport Minister Alexander Tsvetkov in Beijing. China invited Bulgaria to participate in a project between China and Turkey to build high-speed rail connecting the far East to Europe. The invited Chinese investments Tsvetkov in the transport and infrastructure of Bulgaria and stressed the importance of Bulgarian ports for China. 25/12 Israel seeks to promote in its relations with the Balkan countries, including Bulgaria, as compensation for the rupture with Turkey, an emerging power. 5/1/11, the Austrian magazine Der Standard says that 70 Turkish way win for the Balkans and change the negative image that the Balkan Nations had for the Turks. The Turkish film industry helps the Turkish diplomacy and now is the new tool of geopolitical-othwmanisti Ahmed Ntaboytogloy.
Islam: 7/10 Muutlu, Imam Saud from verse Sarnitsa, accused by the Prosecutor of the city of Pazardzhik as leader of the extremist organisation Al Waqf al Islami. The offices of the Bulgarian leg of the Istanbul and are believed to be funded by the Saudi Arabia.
8/10 Arrested 4 Bulgarians Muslims accused extremism. In the spring of 2010 the controversial Archimoyftis Nedim Gendzhev reinstated in his post, held by the democratically elected Mustafa Ali Hadzhi. 11/10 according to the Interior Minister Tsvetan Tsvetanov found plenty of evidence for the existence of cores extreme Islam (organisation Al Waqf al Islami) in southern Bulgaria. Reported that the books, brochures and funds sent Muslim organisations abroad.
Conductors: 22/9 Borissov Prime Minister discussed with the US Special Envoy for Eurasian Energy Richard Mornigstar the participation of Bulgaria in the Nabucco pipeline, by 2015, will transfer in Europe Iraqi gas. Discussed and interface with Greece. 4/10 the Bulgaria Fund Nabucco projects with European funds 60-65 EC. euros from the total of 200 million. Euro the EU invests in the construction of the pipeline.
5/10 Prime Ministers in Bulgaria and Georgia discussed the transportation of gas from Georgia and Azerbaijan in Bulgarian ports. 8/10 in accordance with the CEO of the company the Nabucco Gas Pipeline International GmbH, the pipeline has made considerable progress. German energy company RWE has said that 2011 will decide whether to invest in the pipeline. The shareholders of the pipeline is as follows: Botas (Turkey), Bulgarian Energy Holding (Bulgaria), MOL (Hungary), OMV (Austria), RWE (Germany), Transgaz (Romania) and each of them owns 16,67%. The Russia promotes competitive Nabucco pipeline South Stream, where they are and Bulgaria. 13/10 the Russian company «Atomstroĵekspor» intends to request two million euros in compensation from Bulgaria if he fails to fulfil the contract for the construction of nuclear power plant ' Mpelene '. 16/10 The Russian natural gas flows in Europe via South Stream, at the end of 2015. Work on Bulgarian part will be accelerated, as announced after a meeting between Alexei Miller, President of the Russian Gazprom and Prime Minister Mporisoff. 28/10 New Prime Minister's meeting with Richard l. Wine, American envoy to the Eurasian area. 1/11 the geopolitical position of Russia and energy giant Gazprom suddenly deteriorated under the Black Sea after the accession of Prime Minister Mporiswf in Bulgaria, in accordance with the Russian newspaper Nezavisimaya Gazeta "referred to a number of reasons to doubt the sincerity of Bulgaria in relation with the Russian South Stream: firstly, the Bulgaria agreed to proceed with the South Stream only after consideration of the Gazprom for an alternate route through Romania, secondly, Bulgaria is one of the most active participants in the American competitive plan Nabucco, thirdly, the shortage will become clear from the Bulgarian position in the construction of the Burgas-Alexandroupolis oil pipeline. 4/11 Bulgarian Energy Holding and Gazprom have stated the contest to select the company that will carry out a preliminary study of investments for the construction of the South Stream in the Bulgarian territory.

The vital interests and strategic stake of Greece in the region is obvious. Since 1990 for 15 consecutive years Greece monopoly over all the strategic advantages in the Balkans, but unfortunately, the political staff lost all historical opportunities by submerging the country in universal bankruptcy in afasia and degradation.

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